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Ever had a problem finding what to do on a Friday night? Tired of SMSing all your friends one by one for a BBQ? What about hours spent searching for local events?

Imagine that you can find what to do and where to go today without planning, just with a few taps. Let your friends know that you want to do something fun or join someone around!

Post an event and watch people joining in less than 15 minutes, look what’s going on around, where your friends go and find something fun to do now!


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Hango started with a simple idea that everyone can have a good time with friends and meet new people, without planning activities weeks ahead. Our lives have become so busy that we cannot afford to do anything when we want. We aim to change it forever.

Whether spontaneous movie time with friends or a morning jog with someone in your area – Hango makes it easy.

We made planning fun activities simple and straightforward – no need to plan.

Throw a party 🎊

Or just casual BBQ with friends

Personalized events feed, tailored to your preferences and powered by machine learning algorithms, builds an event list according to personal preferences and shows activity in your area – who started, joined, or left events. Keep your finger on the pulse of the fun happening around you!

No need to message everyone and wait for a reply or go to meetup sites; add event in Hango and see people joining it right away.

Get rewarded for attending or creating amazing parties; being a good party buddy always pays off.

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Know who is coming πŸ‘©

And have a fun time with them

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Friends activity feed allows you to see where and when your friends go. Easily join them in one tap and have fun together.

Don’t want to host a public party? Every Hango user has a feed of events they have attended and reviews from other hangers. Invite people you like and want to see on your events.

Looking to meet new friends? Just add your hang in Nearby events and make new friends the same day.

Hango is created by fun lovers like you πŸ˜„

Even though we are a team of geeky engineers and designers who worked for tech companies in Silicon Valley, we know how to party, chill and hang out.